Line weight of dimensions (Controlling independent of outline thickness)

The line weight of outlines in BikeCAD is controlled in the paint dialog box. In this example, we start with a line weight of 1mm. If we change it to 3, we can see the lines get thicker. Changing the line weight to 0 will not make the outline disappear entirely. However, it will display the outlines as thinly as possible. The outline will always be this minimal thickness no matter how closely we zoom in.

If the paint display mode is chosen, the frame and all components will be filled in with colour and should therefore be clearly visible regardless of the outline visibility. In this circumstance, an outline thickness of zero may be desirable.

While a line weight of zero may work well for the frame, a line weight of zero may be too thin for the display of dimensions. An enhancement in BikeCAD version 10 is the ability to uniquely assign line weight to dimensions. In the dimensions dialogue box, if we click on the icon to change arrow size, we will see a check box labelled Line weight equal to outline thickness. Unchecking this box will allow us to enter a unique value for the line weight of dimensions. If we set this to 1mm, we will see the dimensions much more clearly.