ENVE Handlebars

In the BikeCAD handlebar dialog box, we can model bullhorn bars, drop bars and flat bars. Recently, ENVE has shared some of their drawings, so we now have eight different models of flat bar from the M5 5mm rise to the M9 50mm rise bars added to the menu of standard handlebars. Also now added to the menu are various widths of the ENVE Gravel, Compact, SES AR and SES Aero handlebars. Note that here we are just using BikeCAD's parametric drop bar model to match the bars as best we can. The bars do match almost perfectly, though admittedly the tapered section at the end of the bar and the flattened section at the top of the SES bars is not accounted for. The benefit of BikeCAD's parametric handlebar model is that we can edit dimension D to account for the added thickness of bar wrap. We can also place the rider's hands anywhere along the bar and shift the brake levers along the curve of the bar.