Embedding a Custom Applet on your own Website

The following is a demonstration of BikeCAD for the Web. BikeCAD for the Web allows builders to post their own customized version of BikeCAD on their own web site.

The procedure for removing icons, input fields and dimensions from the BikeCAD interface is described here.

The procedure for creating custom paint palettes is described here.

The procedure for customizing the Fit Advisor is described here.

This demonstration was made prior to the creation of the new BikeCAD.ca website. The applet in the new BikeCAD.ca website saves BikeCAD models to a mySQL database using the Drupal content management system. This functionality is not demonstrated in the above video but is shown here. With so many different ways to configure BikeCAD for the Web, the cost of setting up a custom applet on your site is negotiable. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

If you are simply looking for a way to initiate sales by collecting contact info and body measurements from prospective customers, you might be interested in the free script described here.