Version 16.0 Update

BikeCAD Pro version 16.0 was released August 27, 2020. Version 16.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • More built in drawings for various rear dropouts.
  • New method for bending tubes.
  • Rear wheel gap dimension will now account for curved seat tubes.
  • Tweak hand position of rider.
  • New methods for controlling front end geometry.
  • Display chainline dimensions according to average of all cogs/ chainrings or by particular cog/ chainring on which the chain is engaged.
  • Additional eBike motors.
  • Dual dimensioning allows for simultaneous display of dimensions in inches and millimeters.
  • Additional dimensions specific to Cobra Frame fixture.
  • Option to position foot by distance from heel to axle.
  • Miter templates now feature extra line to indicate intersection with centerline of adjoining tube.
  • Thru axle rear dropouts can now be specified when defining dropouts by parameters.
  • Added 2.35" Konga yoke.
  • Additional brand logos.

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I've noticed for some reason it will sometimes install things in a folder called BikeCAD Pro 15.0 but will put it in BikeCAD Pro 16.0 after an uninstall and a reinstall. I'm sorry I cannot explain why it would do this.

I get the error mentioned only when trying to install the 64bit. 32bit install works as expected.


Stay safe and Keep up the great work Brent!!


Eric - masked up in Seattle. 

Thanks for the suggestion Eric. Using the 32 bit version is another option. However, for anyone looking to use the 64 bit version, it appears that there can be complications when earlier versions of BikeCAD are already installed. However, uninstalling and installing once more does seem to work as well.

Bike cad 16.0 will not save drawing changes. It opens the save drawing window but once closed and opened again the drawing appears with out the changes made prior to save. Any ideas.



This is the first time anyone has reported this. I wonder if there is something about the particular design you are trying to save. Could you send me the BCAD file in question and let me know what kind of change you are attempting to make?

The only other thing I can think to mention is that double clicking on a BCAD file will not open that particular design. You have to either choose File >> Open design from BCAD file or drag and drop the file into the main BikeCAD window.