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Tire Sizes

Hey Folks, 

I don't ususally build for wide tires + was having a hard time tracking the actual dims for the following models. I figured I'd share them if ya'll need.

These were measured on a 21mm internal width rim but it should put you in the ballpark. 

Maxxis Rekon 29x2.25" 

Tire Diameter = 741mm

W = 56mm

M = 28.8

Maxxis Rekon Race 29x2.25"

Tire Diameter = 737mm

W = 55.5mm

M = 27.9

WTB Venture 700x50 

Tire Diameter = 720mm

W = 48.5mm

M = 27


I also wanted to submit dims for the Salsa Bend Bar since they seem to be popular in my neck of the woods. 


Tire sizes

Thanks for your efforts on this. I'll plan to add these tires to the standard wheels menu in the next update.

Can we have a pull down menu

Can we have a pull down menu with the tire size table of http://bikewheelcalc.com?

Tire size list

I believe the link you intended to share was: bikecalc.com/wheel_size_math. You can actually set this up yourself. I'm not sure you'd actually want that entire chart built into your system, but you could select a few of your favourite sizes and add them to your library as described at: bikecad.ca/standard_parts_library. I would add all those to the default library, but it feels a bit like stealing.

All it would take would be to

All it would take would be to ask permission from the author of that website.


What is missing are more current measurements of wheel sizes and transmission gears.


I hope you will add them in future updates.


Thanks for your great work :)

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