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Bike with Bosch motor fails export to Freecad

When I export a bike that includes the bosch mid drive unit and housing to Freecad it either fails or leaves out the motor and housing.

If I switch the same bike to a standard bottom bracket it works fine.

Is there something I'm missing?



Bosch motor in FreeCAD

There are a few elements which you can represent in 2D within BikeCAD but which don't have a 3D counterpart for representation in FreeCAD. The Bosch motor is one of those things. BikeCAD features three different bridges (which Bosch refers to as nodes). Only the Bosch Aluminum Gen4-V1B is available for export to FreeCAD.

If you include an element in your model which is not available in FreeCAD, it should not fail as a result of that. That element should just be left out of the FreeCAD model.

If you've exported any model to FreeCAD and it fails, I would appreciate if you could send me that BCAD file so I can investigate.

Thanks Brent!

Thanks Brent!

I had to both change to the Aluminum Gen4-V1B and update freecad from .19.2 to .20.2 and it now works.

Appreciate your help.

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