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Export GCode X/Y coordinates from Mitre Templates

Hi Brent,

I emailed you about this a few weeks (months) ago, I don't know if you had time to give this feature any more thought.

In order to cnc mitre the main triangle tubes with a cnc lathe/mill (or waterjet/laser/plasma), it would be nice to be able to export the list of X/Y coordinates of the mitre cut profiles that are already available as a PDF export in BikeCAD.

Or maybe it is something that's possible to do with a FreeCAD export and then output this list of X/Y coordinates of the mitres profiles from FreeCAD.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on that.




Thanks for the reminder about this. I would like to implement this for a future update.

Hi Brent,

Hi Brent,

I don't know if you had any time to put into this. On my side I wrote a piece of Python code that can generate GCode for DT, ST and TT mitres but only for round tubes and without any offsets.

It would be great if I could also do mitres for tapered headtubes and offsets at the BB, like BikeCAD does for it's printable PDFs.

If BikeCAD could output a list of X/Y coordinates for each main tube mitre lines (in a CSV format for example), it would be great.

I attach some screen shots of the software and some links to my working CNC tube mitering machine :-)





G-Code export

I've just sent you an early release of a version that will generate G-code for cutting miters. Hoping to get some more feedback from you before including it in the next update.

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