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Seat stay aux view and dropouts

Hi Brent,

When viewing the seat stays at the dropouts in the auxiliary view, the "edge to edge at rear" dimension gives a value higher (177) than what I'm getting when placing the stays on the dropouts in my frame jig (~167). I use this dimension to set up my seat stay mitering fixture. I believe this inconsistency is causing a small problem with the calculated miter angles on both ends of the stays.

In the "Wheels" settings this frame is set to 142mm. The dropouts are set as static Paragon DR2096. And the "T" value in the dropouts is set to 22mm, which is the width of the DR2096. 

Are there settings I should be adjusting to get a more accurate drawing?



Auxiliary view of dropouts

I think the discrepancy can be explained at: bikecad.ca/rear_dropout_spacing_for_thru_axle_dropouts. I think in the next update, I'll change the Rear dropout spacing menu to list both the distance between the inner faces of the dropouts and the over locknut dimension.

I hope this will resolve any confusion.

Thanks Brent!

Thanks Brent!

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