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FrameBuilder Supply Rear Dropouts


I recently purchased some rear dropouts from framebuilder supply, but I am not seeing the dropouts I bought modelled in bikeCad. The specific dropouts I bought are the Rear track dropouts with eyelets - plug style - 11mm SS & CS - 66° SS/CS. I am willing to model them myself and input the data into bikecad, but I am wondering if anyone here has already measured these rear dropouts to obtain bikeCAD suitable dimensions.

Thanks for your help everyone.

BikeCad version

P.S I am also currently using the free version of bikeCAD, so I am not sure if these dropouts are already modelled in there. It seems from the tutorial that the full version has a much greater dropout selection than the free version.


Track dropout

I don't believe this is currently included, so I've emailed Framebuilder Supply to see if I can obtain a model. I'll include it in the next update if I do.

Thanks Brent, I will see if I

Thanks Brent, I will see if I can model the dropouts on my own for the timebeing. I have been trying to outline them on graphing paper to get the dimensions needed for BikeCAD.

Also, if you can get back to

Also, if you can get back to me if you get a reply I would appreciate it very much.

Track dropouts


I've just acquired a model of this dropout and have included it in what will be the next update of BikeCAD.

To plan for this dropout, you can set Sx=16, Sy=35, Sz=9.8, Cx=37.7, Cy=-19.8 and Cz=7.3.

Thanks for the help Brent,

Thanks for the help Brent, this is very helpful of you. 

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