Title Block (Adding Your Own Logo to)

Once you're ready to print a drawing of your design in BikeCAD Pro, it's a good idea to turn on the display of the title block. Included with the title block is a border that will frame your design ensuring that all the dimensions you intend to display will fit within the printed page.

By default, the title block will feature the Bicycle Forest logo. To swap in your own logo, go to View >> Customize to bring up the Customize dialog box. In the Builder info section you'll want to enter your contact info so all of that can be included in the title block.

To add your logo, click the Add button next to the logo field. Browse to find your logo. It can be in BMP, GIF, JPG, or PNG form.

Click the Save settings button at the bottom of the dialog box to save your settings. You'll need to restart BikeCAD. But from then on, anytime you display the title block, your logo will appear in the corner.

To resize the logo, move the Logo slider in the Title block dialog box.

If you prefer to turn off the display of colour when printing drawings, you may prefer to use a black and white line type image of your logo instead of a full colour image.

To prepare an image for your title block you'll need to use some sort of image editing software (Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, MS Paint, etc). The image you create should be similar in size to the two sample images that are included by default in BikeCAD Pro. As a reference, one sample image is 597 x 335 pixels and 84 KB in size. The second sample image is 900 x 338 pixels and 100 KB in size.