Quickly changing colours, hiding items and changing geometry

BikeCAD version 10 features several ease of use improvements. Now, instead of having to open the Paint dialog box and search through the long list of components to change the colour of an item, we can simply point to the component, right click (or CTRL click on a Mac) and choose Change colour from the pop-up menu. As I select a new colour for the pedals, the colour of the pedals updates instantly.

Selecting a colour for the frame works the same way unless the paint scheme of the frame happens to use multiple colours in which case the paint dialog box is launched.

Decals can be directly selected as well. If the decal is outlined, the decal dialog box will launch allowing you to change either the decal text colour or the decal outline colour. If the decal is not outlined, then a simple colour chooser is presented.

If you choose to change the colour of an item that is semi-transparent, be aware that all of the colours in the swatches section are fully opaque. To restore some transparency go to any of the other tabs in the colour chooser and adjust the transparency slider.

Other ease of use features include an additional option for hiding components. As always, we can pull up the display dialog box and turn off or on the display of various components. However, in BikeCAD version 10, we can now point to a component and choose hide to turn off the display.

Similarly, dimensions can be turned on and off in the Dimensions dialog box, but they can also be hidden by directly selecting the dimension, right clicking (or CTRL clicking on a Mac) and choosing hide from the pop-up menu.

Another enhancement is the option to point at a component, right click and select Change geometry. If we do that with the crank, the drivetrain dialog box will launch exposing the contents of the crank tab for modification. We can do the same with the handlebars, disc brakes, etc.

If we choose to change the geometry of the frame, BikeCAD will launch the Primary dimensions dialog box. Be aware that if you wish to change other elements of the frame such as tube diameters, or tube curvature, you must click the tubing icon to launch the tubing dialog box.