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Opportunity with Geo Touring Bicycles

I'm sad to report that Dan Davidheiser is suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He is looking to find someone interested in taking over his almost ready touring bike business.

The following is what Dan would like passed on to anyone interested:


I'm dying of stage 4 pancreatic cancer and won't be around, long.

I've been working toward the right balance of time and rental income to be able to quit my job, and just when I was approaching the goal of launching my heavy-duty touring bike line, I spent two weeks in the hospital. I'm trying to think of people who would be interested in having (free) my almost turnkey bike line, business plan, business design, logo, brochure, website design, and URLs. If you have any ideas about people or companies that would be capable and interested, please let me know. I'm wondering if it could go to various people, so there might be more chance of its becoming reality.

(Also, I have eleven file cabinets of brochures, articles, etc. that I've collected, since 1972, in case you know of someone who might be interested in buying the lot.)

(Also have a war-time pedicab (with compound curved, wood and steel body) that needs rechroming and new top.)

Below is a short description and an attachment of sample pages from the catalog.

Geo Touring Bicycles Description:

Geo Touring Bicycles is not an operating business, but is near ready.

I’d like to give it to anyone who would be interested and is capable of making it work.

There are seven models from 1 1/4” to plus. More models in the future.

These are sample pages from the Geo catalog.

All photos are from web and for position only.

Everything needs to be tidied up a bit, and some is very rough.

I’d be happy to discuss details (but have only a few weeks to live).

All computer and paper files, URLs, business plan, and various support people contacts.

There are no prototypes or specific frame dimensions.

Dan Davidheiser