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Still traveling

I'm still enjoying my bike trip south.  With regular internet access, I'm still able to respond to inquiries fairly quickly, so I hope you'll let me know if you have any questions about BikeCAD Pro or any of the new features in Version 10.

Here are some shots from the trip so far...

Riding into Brant Conservation Area, Ontario.

On the Friendship Trail north of Lake Erie.

Riding along fields of concord grapes on route to Erie, PA.

Aproaching Mosquito Lake State Park, OH.

Meandering through Kent, OH.

Riding along the Ohio and Erie Canal west of Akron, OH.

A hilly ride to Fredericksburg, OH.

Riding the Holmes County Trail east of Millersburg, OH.

Sunset outside Westerville, OH.

Welcome to Kentucky!

Not realizing the climb to Hebron, KY was just beginning.

A long climb to finish the day in Northern Kentucky.