Input fields (Changing size of)

The default font for the BikeCAD graphical user interface is Dialog. However, BikeCAD Pro users are free to customize their GUI to use any font they like. Some fonts such as Courier may not fit within the default input fields as well as others. As we can see here, there is not quite enough room to fully display 4 digits and a decimal place using the Courier font.

In BikeCAD version 13.5 we can now control the size of our input fields. To do this, select View >> Customize. Note it is in the Font section at the top where we select our GUI font and below that, we have a field labeled Input field columns. In this example, I might like to increase the number of columns from 4 to 6.

After clicking Save settings and restarting BikeCAD, we'll see that our input fields now have more room to display our dimensions.