Morphing designs

By selecting File >> Export Morph, we can select a different BCAD file and generate an animated GIF showing the current model morphing into the selected model.

Before giving our animated GIF a name, we can select the size of the image, the number of frames in our animation and the delay in seconds between each frame.

The resulting GIF can be made to repeat indefinitely.

The boomerang option causes the model to morph back to it's original state.

If the two bikes are of different lengths, we may wish to center horizontally. Otherwise, they will each be aligned by the back edge of the rear wheel.

The calm wheels option is useful when the chain and derailleur are shown and we want to morph between different gear ratios. Without it, the wheels will spin erratically.

For best results, I recommend clicking the refit button first. Also, be aware that you may wish to lock the scale of the screen before morphing.

Finally, after clicking Save, BikeCAD will take a while to process the GIF. During this time, the interface will be disabled.