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additional Headtube, how to realise?

hi everybody,

i just recently bought the Pro-version of BikeCAD to realise my first solo-build-project (already build a bike in a framebuilderscourse with the help of BikeCAD).
The actual project is to bulid an variant of the Omnium Cargo, i already found a Project in the Design Archive (https://www.bikecad.ca/1520289292613) that is very similar.

Now my question: is it in any way possible to add a second Headtube instead of building the project out of an tandem? my goal is to have the downtube to be one piece and would like to get the mitertemplate for that direct out of BikeCAD.
and i could get rid of the second BB, that is not needed.

does anybody have an suggestion of how to archieve that? i would be very happy about a push in the right direction.
thank you a lot.


Would turning off the boom

Would turning off the boom tube + down tube and then adding a tube that connects the HT to the rear ST work? 

You could also set the diameter and width of the front BB to 0 and adjust the BB height. 

In regard to a 2nd HT would converting the OD of the front ST to whatever your HT diameter is work?  e.g. 31.8mm --> 37mm

Before tandems were added to

Before tandems were added to the BikeCAD options I would just modify a frame to give the joint angles I needed for mitre templates, and print out just that template.


Hi @kopierpaste!

Hi @kopierpaste!

I was thinking about also building an omnium clone for myself. Did you finally manage to finish the design like you wanted? Did you post it in the Archive?
Thanks in advance and cheers from Berlin!


All this discussion of hacks in order to design a cargo bike is now moot because you can now add a second head tube as discussed at: bikecad.ca/bakfiets.

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