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BikeCAD review from the Bamboo Master

Hey there good people,

I noticed there were no reviews here and that is a surprise, so excuse me but I'll be the first.

There is not enough GOOD I can say about this program. I used the free version for a few years and it was really helpful, but after meeting Brent at the North American Handmade Bike Show, and seeing all the functions, I had to buy BikeCAD Pro. Brent is also a really nice guy with a brilliant head on his shoulders - no surprise.

There is no more valuable tool for a custom bike maker than having this program. When you make a custom bike, of course your build and craftsmanship count, but fit is king. A custom bike should really fit the rider perfectly and that is where the fit adviser really does some powerful work.

My clients all have special desires and as my friend Master fitter David Greenfield says "Everybody is a snowflake". Using BikeCAD with my client by my side we can design the bike that fits their body and meets the visual look of the bike they want. When I go from the "presentation" drawing to the "working drawing" that I'll use for building, I can toggle on and off all the components and there are certain dimensions that only I need to set up my building jig. BikeCAD gives me all the options and a hundred more just in case.

I just love using the program and it does a great job. Jokingly I think that if I had a job I would be a BikeCAD Pro operator, but thank the good lord, using BikeCAD Pro is one of the jobs of a bike maker :-)

Best regards,

James Wolf

Nice review. And AWESOME bike

Nice review. And AWESOME bike... looks absolutely insane. Keep up the amazing work mate.


I have been playing a bit with BikeCAD now and its perfect. At the moment I am working on a new project and I have skipped all other programs I used to work with. It very versatile, great!


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