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how can i make it so the front rim and rear rim are colored different
Different colored rims

Currently, front and rear rims share the same color. However, there is a hack you could employ to get two different colors. In the wheels dialog box, uncheck the Set front equal to rear checkbox. This will allow you to control the front and rear wheels independently. Next recognize that the rim depth is defined by dimension A and the top section of that is defined by dimension SW. The idea behind the SW dimension is to represent the braking surface on a rim designed for rim brakes. However, you can reduce that to zero to eliminate it, or expand it to a value greater than or equal to dimension A so that the entire rim will be colored according to the color associated with the rim sidewall. Based on this, you can set one wheel with SW equal to zero and apply a certain rim color. Then set the other wheel with SW greater than or equal to A and apply a different color to the rim sidewall.

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