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Allotec C64 dropous


New user of bikecad pro building my 2nd frame, my first frame was built using Coumbus Zona and lugs. My frame building knowledge is very low, so i decided to purchase a set of Columbus Max tubing and to try and build my first fillet brazed frame, which will have a 50mm x68mm bb, 44mm x 170mm head tube and the Allotec c64 dropouts, i will also extend the seattub and headtube (like the Edwig Van Hooydonck Colnago frame)

I have a set of Allotec C64 dropouts that will connect to the Columbus Max seat and chainstays and I am looking for some help in relation to the paramteters that i need to define in bikecad pro for the dropouts, does anybody have the related technical frawings for the allotec c64 droputs or a list of the relevant parameters I need to enter into bikecad

Also if anybody can provide advise related to the Columbus Max tubing and the tubing parameters so i can come up with a set of miter templates that will be as accurate as possible.

As i am quite tall 6 foot 3 inches the requirement for the extended seat and headtube above the frame triangle is to try and keep the frame as stiff as possible, the frame will be modeled on the dimensions of a criterium type road bike, thus i will try and get the rear triangle as tight as possible to the seatube but also be able to support 700c x 25mm rear, thus i am also looking for some help and advice on how i should bend the rear chainstays to allow the 25c tyre to be only 10mm or less from touching the seat tube, also looking for some advice on the correct headtube angle for a crit type road frame. I will use a 165mm length crankset and will accept that there may be some overlap of the pedal in the horizontal plane with the back of the front wheel. 

The overall frame deisgn is not for comfort but to ride "like on rails" be quick and nimble in the corners and to keep frame flex to a minimum, similar to a track bike but specifically for crit racing.


Allotec C64

I've just added the Allotec C64 dropouts to the next update of BikeCAD.

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