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changing frame design of bicycle


I am doing project on bicycle. can I change the chain stay from inclined to straight? what desigm parameters I have to consider. please help.

A document related to constraints on change on frame will be appreciated.

Thanks. :)

Horizontal chain stays

Chain stays can be both inclined and straight. I assume you meant to say that you want horizontal chain stays. You can make your chain stays horizontal by setting the BB drop in the Primary dimensions dialog box to zero.

I should qualify this advise by mentioning this is dependent on dimension Cy in the dropouts dialog box and dimension E in the chain stays dialog box being set to zero as well. If either dimension Cy (the vertical offset of the chain stay attachment point at the dropout), or dimension E (the offset of the chain stay at the BB) are non zero, you can account for that in the value you enter for BB drop.

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