Template menus (relocating)

If you make frequent use of Dimension templates, Paint templates, Display templates or any of these sorts of time savers in BikeCAD, you may want to move them out of the File menu and into a more prominent part of the BikeCAD interface. Go to View >> Customize and scroll down to the Open template & Save template section of the Customize dialog box. You can uncheck the box for Open templates in File menu. Click Save settings and then restart BikeCAD. We'll find all our categories of templates listed just below the top toolbar. For even quicker access, we can return to the Customize dialog box and uncheck Show templates in categories. Once BikeCAD is restarted again, we'll find all our templates available as individual buttons. In this scenario, we'll want to make sure we name our templates in a way that identifies the type of template it is. Here for example, we know the Flames paint template adds a flames paint job and that the PVD Flat bar dimensions adds an assortment of dimensions for documenting a mountain bike build. No dimensions removes dimensions, Frame and fork only displays the frame and fork, while the Tight fit title block fits the title block tightly around the frame and fork, which is handy when wheels are not displayed.