Tables in BikeCAD Pro

The earliest iteration of the title block in BikeCAD drawings included contact information for the customer and for the builder as well as some basic details about the bike. There is also a space for any additional notes not accounted for elsewhere. However, many builders have asked for a way to present more information in tabular form. In BikeCAD version 18, input fields from the title block and notes dialog boxes have been moved into tabs within a single dialog box. This dialog box now contains a third tab to allow for the creation of as many tables as desired. To create a table, click the add button and you'll be given a single cell positioned in the top left corner of the drawing. After entering some text, you can click the add column or add row icons to create a table of any size you like. Rows and columns can be removed with the remove icons. To relocate a table, click the move button and drag the table to a new spot. Alternatively, you can input X and Y coordinates relative to the top left corner of the drawing.