Version 10 (10.51) Update

BikeCAD Pro version 10 was released October 1, 2013.  Version 10 includes the following enhancements:

  • Several ease of use improvements.
  • Display bicycle brand logos. Full listing of logos is at:
  • Export multi-model PDFs.
  • Model ovalized tubes.
  • Disc brakes
  • Lefty forks and inverted suspension forks
  • Option to model seatmast.
  • Assign unique colours to seatpost top clamp and machined sidewalls on rims.
  • Enhanced auxiliary views of seat stays and chain stays.
  • Control cleat position by distance from pedal axle to toe.
  • Control chainrings by chainline dimension.
  • Ability to model headset with internal upper cup and external lower cup.
  • Display dimension line weight independent of outline thickness.
  • Adjust decal angle.
  • Adjust decal text by percentage of height, not just percentage of width.
  • Independently control drive side and non-drive side hub flange diameters, spoke hole offset in rim and cross patterns.
  • Option to model chainguards in drivetrain dialog box.
  • Decals added to seat stays and head tube.
  • Miter templates are exported to a single PDF file.
  • Miter templates account for ovalized tubes.
  • CSV file reports whether or not top tube intersects with down tube.

Version 10 includes several new dimensions including:

  • Down tube - top tube interior angle
  • Rear axle to tail of saddle (X)
  • Wheel flop

Version 10.5 was released January 19, 2014. Version 10.5 includes the following enhancements:

Version 10.51 was released January 23, 2014. Version 10.51 is a minor update with the following changes:

  • Fixes issue version 10.5 had with reading in transparency settings for colors.
  • Down tube miter templates were changed so that the seam on the front template lines up on the same side of the tube as the seam on the rear template.
  • Additional brand logos added.

If you purchased BikeCAD Pro online from the new web site, you should be able to login to their account and download version 10.51 as described here. For info on updating BikeCAD Pro while maintaining your previous configuration see here.

If you purchased BikeCAD Pro from the old site, you are encouraged to register for a free account on the new site. Once you've done that let me know and I will manually change your status to BikeCAD Pro owner and grant you access to download BikeCAD Pro from within your account. However, notices about new updates of BikeCAD Pro will continue to be distributed through the BikeCAD Pro Updates Google group which all BikeCAD Pro customers are encouraged to join. Please subscribe by entering your e-mail address in the text field below.

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