Water bottles (adding, with cages and bosses)

BikeCAD version 15.0 features enhanced controls for defining water bottles. Bottle boss size and spacing are defined at the top of the dialog box and apply throughout the frame. Bottles can be added to any tube of the frame including forks. The placement icon toggles between the side, the front and the back of the tube. From this menu, we can select different sizes and shapes of bottles or stuff sacks. The size of each selection can then be further tweaked with the W and H input fields. The Salsa Anything cage with its three bolt pattern can also be selected from the cage menu.

To add bottles to extra tubes, go to the water bottle tab in the Extra tubes dialog box and click the Add button. You can add as many bottles as you like to any tube of the frame. Be sure to use the Bottle bottom input fields to locate the bottom corner of your bottle with respect to the first boss.

To temporarily remove a water bottle, uncheck the box on the left. To permanently remove it, select the garbage can on the right. Note that when you turn off the display of bottles, the bottles and cages disappear but the bottle bosses and bolts remain visible.