Windows 10 Start Menu (Adding an icon to)

When you install BikeCAD on Windows 10, it may not automatically appear in your start menu or as an icon on your desktop. However, this is easy to do. By typing BikeCAD into the search bar at the bottom of the screen, a link to BikeCAD Pro will appear. Clicking the link will launch the program and you could do this every time. However, also note there is an option to Pin to Start. Choosing this option will add BikeCAD to your start menu. You can also choose Pin to taskbar which will add the BikeCAD icon to your taskbar for even greater convenience.

To add a desktop icon, choose Open file location. On the executable file that appears, right click and choose Send to >> Desktop (create shortcut).

If you change your mind about the desktop icon, you can delete it. Doing so will not uninstall the program.

You can also right click and unpin icons from the taskbar or the start menu.