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I can`t see my dimension templates

Hi, I already upload some dimensions I want to see for my templates. When I try to open a dimension template, it says there are no dimensions available. How should I proceed?

Dimension templates

I'm not sure, but I wonder if you are getting confused by the default state of a new copy of BikeCAD. When you initially install BikeCAD, the only Dimension template that will exist is called "No Dimensions". The purpose of opening this template would be to clear all the dimensions on the screen (by displaying "no dimensions"). In order to display various other sets of dimensions, you must first save them as described here. If you are following these instructions but things aren't working as expected, please let me know at what point you're getting an unexpected result.

Not OP, but I had recently discovered templates and ....

I recently discovered (and love) templates.  Since I hadn't used them before, I updated to 19.0 as usual and discovered that the templates were gone after restarting:(  I then read that I needed to migrate these over somehow to the new installation or they would be lost:(  I lost my dimensions and bunch of other templates including a design I was working on:(  All very bad and 100% my "RTFM" moment.  Just so others are aware.  If there's a secret FAT or NTFS versioning I'm missing please let me know (another reminder I should be using Linux) otherwise caveat emptor with templates. 


On a Mac or on Linux, you don't have to delete old versions of BikeCAD and so you can retain your old configuration directories. It has only been recently that it seems you have to delete old versions when using a PC. I'd like to change that, but in the meantime, if you end up losing templates that you'd saved in an older version, it shouldn't be too big an ordeal to set them back up in the new version. If you've got two or three dimension templates that you'd like to get back, I would assume you've got some BCAD files saved with these preferred arrangments of dimensions. Open one of these BCAD files and then select File >> Save template >> Dimensions and give it a name. Voila! You've got that Dimension template back. For more on this, see: bikecad.ca/updating_bikecad_pro_simply.

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