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FreeCad V21.1 errors

Hello Brent,

I just updated to FreeCad 21.1 on my PC. I tried opening my bikecad files in Freecad but get a bunch of errors in red in the report view instead of a solid model. I used to be able to open my BC files in older verisons of FreeCad.

So I tried to install the bikecad macro to see if that would work but I get the error "Something went wrong with the pip install/upgrade of requests, possibly does not exist"

I'm running BikeCad pro V19 on a PC.

Any ideas?



FreeCAD V0.21.1 errors

Thanks for letting me know about these issues. I just downloaded FreeCAD version 0.21.1 and opened a few scripts output from BikeCAD to see if I would have any troubles. They all opened just fine though. Could you send me the BCAD models that you are trying to open in FreeCAD? I would also be curious to know what error messages you're seeing in the report view.

Looking forward to getting this resolved soon.

Thanks for the quick response

Thanks for the quick response Brent.

Curious if you had to install the macro in FreeCAD V0.21.1 before you could open the file output from BikeCAD?  Attached are some images of the errors I get for the macro install and trying to open my bikecad file.  I also just emailed you with the BikeCAD file and python output of that file.



FreeCAD V0.21.1

I've been having a back and forth about this offline and I figured I'd update others in case anyone else has any issues with this.

I'd been running FreeCAD V0.20.2 before. When I installed FreeCAD V0.21.1 it actually just worked for me right away. Having installed the Requests library in V0.20.2 before, it appeared to have carried over into V0.21.1. It was not necessary for me to install the Requests library again. However, in order to examine whether or not the macro that installs the Requests library works on a fresh intallation of FreeCAD V0.21.1, I deleted the folder C:\Users\MyUsername\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python38 which I've learned is where the Requests library gets stored. With this folder deleted, I could no longer open Python scripts from BikeCAD. It was necessary to run the Requests macro again. However, the macro ran without issue on FreeCAD V0.21.1 and after restarting FreeCAD, I was able to open Python scripts from BikeCAD once again.

All this is to say, that I have not encountered any troubles with FreeCAD V0.21.1. However, jbotbot has been having issues and I'm not sure what to attribute any of these troubles to. Any feedback from others about FreeCAD V0.21.1 would be welcome.

Alternative way to add Requests library to FreeCAD on a PC

For anyone having issues running the Macro to install the requests library on FreeCAD for PC, here is an alternative solution.

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