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Exporting to FreeCAD

I can't seem to export my BikeCAD file to FreeCAD. I get some error messages when I hit the green play button, but don't know enough about what I'm looking at to determine what is wrong. Anyone help?


Thanks in advance. 


Install requests library

Looks like you need to install the requests library as described at: bikecad.ca/freecad_requests.

Thanks Brent. It seems to be

Thanks Brent. It seems to be working now but only partially. I get the rims, tires, the rear triangle and the water bottle bosses on the down tube. The rest is missing. Strange. Maybe I'll redownload everything the start over. 

No front triangle

Don't bother reinstalling everything. I've seen that scenario before. Were you using a variable diameter head tube? In my experience, variable diameter head tubes sometimes don't interface well with the top tube and down tube, so all those tubes sometimes fail to appear. If you use a constant diameter head tube, you can expect more reliable results. I'm not sure if there's anything I can do at my end to produce a more robust model when using a variable diameter head tube, but that's something I'll try to work on in the future.

Yup, I have a tapered HT in

Yup, I have a tapered HT in the model. I'll swap it for a constant diameter and see if that helps. 

Thanks Brent. 

problem when using the Script download

Does anyone come across this error message when running the script macro.py?

It comes up with this error message:


18:57:45 Something went wrong with the pip install/upgrade of requests, possibly does not exist.


Version of FreeCAD

One user got this message when running an older version of FreeCAD. Have you tried this on the current version which is 0.19.2?

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