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Mechanical and Hydraulic Drop-bar Hood Length

Curious if anyone knows how to customize hood length for a drop-bar setup?   The length of a hydraulic hood is (in most cases) longer than a mechanical hood and the options available seem be mechanical only design.  the difference in torso, leg, hip, shoulder... will increase with a hydraulic hood due to the longer palm area.  Any thoughts are appreciated, thank you 

Hydraulic brake hoods

I would like to include more brake hoods models, but I've had trouble obtaining accurate drawings. If anyone has access and would be willing to share, please let me know.

In the meantime, if you have a sense of how much bigger a particular brake hood is relative to any of the existing options, you can tweak the hand position as described at: bikecad.ca/hand_position. Another strategy would be to locate where you know the hands should go relative to the handlebar using a User dimension and then tweaking the hand position to match up with that point.

Hydraulic brake hoods drawning

Hello Brent, I can draw the Campagnolo Ekar, the Shimano Dura-ace str-9120 and the Sram Red etap hrd levers. I only have to know which format do you prefer.

Brake hood drawings

That would be awesome! I would be grateful for any vector based file such as Ai, or DXF. However, if those files could be saved as PDF's that would ensure I don't have any potential issues with incompatible versions.

A couple of critical details I often find lacking are the point shown with the red X to indicate where the hood is clamped around the center of the handlebar. Also, some detail such as the clamp itself which I can use as a reference for the angle of the brake hood. As the brake hood slides along the length of the handlebar, it should always be perpendicular to the handlebar. However, it is not always clear what that angle is.

Brake hood animation

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