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Auxillary View for fork to see tire / fender clearance


does anyone know if there is an option to see the fork crown clearance in regards to tire and fender? I know abou the "fork crown clearance" button in the fork dimension dialog box, but this doesn't show the tire or fender. but couldn't find anything

I use the stays auxillary view to see this for the rear triangle, but missing this option for the fork. 

If this option doesn't exist, I think it would be a very helpful feature. ;)



I asked for this probably 10 years ago

The current setup just isn't all that helpful for designing forks.

Fork and tire or fender clearance

Ten years ago, there was a related discussion about this. The dimensions mentioned then are available in the Fork tab of the dimensions dialog box. They're labeled Tire clearance/ interference at back of crown and Tire clearance/ interference at front of crown. If there are other things you'd like added to the fork dialog box, I may be more capable of addressing that now than I was ten years ago.

Thanks for the reply. After

Thanks for the reply. After searching the forum I did discover that thread and then located the option in the dimensions tab. This defintiely helps, but IMHO it would be good to add the fender clearance dimension as well. For now, I just add the C Value from Fender dialog box and leave some extra room for a daruma or whatever attachment I'm going to use. 





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