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AI doesn't seem to work

Hi Brent,


I downloaded version 20.1. The AI feature sounds really cool, however when I click on the brain icon the window that appears shows a spinning wheel but nothing happens. I let it do its thing for 10 minutes but it was still spinning. Does this feature take a while to process?

FYI I'm running this on Mac OS 13.6.1 Ventura.


Thanks for your help.



New AI feature

Thanks for the feedback. For others that try this, you'll want to drag the size of the AI window to see the results once they are available. However, I don't think this is your issue as you've said the spinning wheel is still there after 10 minutes. In my preliminary testing, BikeCAD would fail to get a response from the server maybe 5% of the time. I guess I should have implemented a better way of dealing with this. However, it can sometimes work just to click the button again, but restarting BikeCAD is a surefire fix. The process should take about 10 seconds to complete, so if you're waiting much longer than that, something has gone wrong and you'll have to try again.

I'll be curious to hear how others are getting along with this new feature. It was implemented by a research group from MIT. I'm very thankful for all the work they've put into it. They have cautioned that the results may be subject to errors, especially in the beginning, so bear with us as we tweak things in the coming weeks.

I've tried clicking the

I've tried clicking the button and restarting the app but I only get the spinning wheel.

Not sure if this is important, but I keep the config folder in /Users/Jensen/Documents/Bikes, which isn't the default location. 

AI feature

I assume you've relocated your configuration folder as per the instructions at: bikecad.ca/changing_configuration_file_location. That's all fine and should have no impact on the AI feature. One thing I should have clarified is the AI process occurs on a remote server, so you'll need an Internet connection. I'm surprised to hear it still isn't working for you. I'm curious to hear how others are getting along.

I'm getting a new computer

I'm getting a new computer next week. I'll install a fresh copy of BikeCAD on it and give it a test and report back.

On my new computer running

On my new computer running Mac OS 14.1.2 and a fresh install of BikeCAD 20.1 the AI feature still doesn't produce any results. The spinning wheel just keeps spinning.

My wifi connection is consistent and pretty fast, so I don't know what else I can do to troubleshoot the problem.

Accessing AI feature

I'm sorry to hear it's still not working for you. Do you have a firewall that might be blocking your access to the Internet? Something else to check would be saving or retrieving BikeCAD designs online. You can add your key to the Customize dialog box as described at: bikecad.ca/opening_and_saving_online and then save designs to your account online. I'd be curious to know if you are allowed the network connection to do that.

I was able to open a bike

I was able to open a bike directly from the online design achive. However I was not able to save a local file online. I went to File > Save online > Submit and nothing happened. 

I monitored my Network Activity while clicking Submit to see if anything popped up, but I didn't notice anything. In my system settings the Firewall option is turned off.

If there's a backend way to see or log if BikeCAD is attempting to send the files and getting denied, let me know. I'm curious what's causing this problem.

Checking network connectivity

There is a log you can check by selecting Help >> Problem log. However, I have a feeling these network issues won't be reported there. I'll have to set it up to do that better in the next update. In the meantime, another option would be to run the Linux version on your Mac. The Linux version can run on any computer. You just need to install Java 11 or newer on your machine. For a Mac, I recommend AdoptOpenJDK, now known as Adoptium: adoptopenjdk.net/releases.html. The benefit of running the Linux version is that you can run it from the terminal and the terminal should give you error messages if there are any to see. I suppose there is also the possibility that the Linux version may not be denied Internet access the way the Mac version appears to be on your machine. Although, I can't be sure of that because I don't understand why Internet access is being denied in the first place.

Same here with MacOS 10.14.6.

Same here with MacOS 10.14.6. Just the spinning wheel. Yes, connected to the internet, but no online storage.

MacOS network access

I'm sorry. It turns out there is a larger problem here. I missed it because on my Mac, I was testing both the codesigned version and the non-codesigned version. The AI tool requires an Internet connection and that's apparently something I wasn't testing on the codesigned version. Since Apple's Gatekeeper was introduced I've only been distributing the codesigned version because to install a non-codesigned version you would have to disable Gatekeeper. I've spent all day trying to set the appropriate entitlements in the codesigning process to allow the Internet access required but have thus far failed to make it work.

I will continue to plug away at this and let you know when I have a solution. Really sorry about this oversight.

Updated to 20.1 and its works

Updated to 20.1 and its works almost fine, Its slow and slower. :-(
I douwngrade to 19.0 all works normal.

still a happy usser :-)

Best regards Dave

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