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Migrate settings after upgrade

Hey Brent

Whenever I upgrade to the latest version of bikecad (which I've only done two or three times total), I lose all my saved components, templates, etc...

I solve this by copying all the files from BikeCAD_XX.X_configuration folder and pasting them in the new version.

Is there a more formal way to do this migration? If not, can I request this as a feature? I'd love the option to simply import settings, component library, and templates from the previously installed version.





Migrating settings to new versions

What you've done there is acceptable. There's a video that touches on the very small reasons you may want to go about it differently at: bikecad.ca/configuration.

In an earlier video, I explain what all the different configuration files are for: bikecad.ca/updating_bikecad_pro.

I also explain that not everyone necessarily needs to do anything to manage configuration files in a video at: bikecad.ca/updating_bikecad_pro_simply.

I will consider ways I can make managing these files even easier in a future update.


Oh cool, I hadn't found these

Oh cool, I hadn't found these videos. This comment from the first link describes me exactly:

While this process isn't overly complicated, it is still enough of a nuisance that some will put it off.

It's clever to just rename the folder. And I had noticed that the new version asks me to import things to my library when I open a model with a custom component in it (though my default had been to click no to this dialog, for no good reason).

I think I'll keep my current process of copying the files over to the new directory - this way if you add new components, I'll still get them, and I still keep my dimension templates. It's not such a bad experience. :)

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