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rear dropout horizontal angle


I am trying to adjust the chainstays and seatstays in BikeCAD so that the angle of the stays relative to the plane of the dropouts is exactly 9 degrees, which is what this angle should be according to the schematics of the rear dropouts I am using. I am trying to calculate this angle so that I can directly plug that chainstays onto the rear dropouts when I assemble the frame. If there is a way for bikecad free version to show this angle automatically that would be extremely helpful. I have attached some images that should clarify what I am looking for in more detail. If it helps, the rear dropouts I am planning on are called Rear track dropouts with eyelets - plug style - 11mm SS & CS - 66° SS/CS from Framebuilder supply.

Auxiliary view of stays

Access to auxiliary views of the stays is a feature reserved for BikeCAD Pro. The $750 Canadian cost of BikeCAD Pro is a one time fee. All future updates are at no extra cost. If, given your particular application for the program, you can't justify the price, I am always happy to find a price that will work for each individual.

auxillary view of stays

I just watched the video that was linked, does the auxillery view show the angle I am looking for?

bottom bracket width

Also, does the free version of bikecad assume a bottom bracket width of 68 mm?

BB shell length

This is the tubing dialog box in the free version of BikeCAD. As you can see, you can set the length of the BB shell to anything you like.

Chainstay and seatstay angles at dropouts

Yes, the seatstay and chainstay angles at the dropouts are given in the auxiliary views in BikeCAD Pro.

chainstay and seatstay angles

I do not exactly have the money to afford the price of bikeCad pro right now. The chainstay and seatstay angles can be calcualted using trigonometry though right?

Calculating angle of stays at dropouts

Yes, this could be calculated using trigonometry. But this and many other things could be done automatically with BikeCAD Pro, so I've emailed you a coupon code to see if we can work out a price that will work for you to get set up with BikeCAD Pro.

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