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Hi Brent. I am trying to update to the latest version. When I click on files in my account, it says there is nothing there, nothing downloaded or purchased. I bought Bikecad in late 2018, maybe early 2019. Ive never updated so figure i should !  Thanks, Paul.


Two accounts

It turns out you have two accounts here. The username for the one associated with your purchase of BikeCAD Pro is PINFOLD FRAMES. If you like, I can delete your other account. I can also reset your password if you have any trouble accessing the other account.


Hi Brent. Thank you for your reply. I vague;y remember now lol !   I bought a new laptop etc.  Ok im not entirely sure what to do.  Im pretty hopeless with accounts and passwords.  I cannot remembwe the password or even what email address I used. Its probably paul71blue@icloud.com  as is for this account. I have no access to this email as its old, I now have an android instead of an iPhone.  Can i update with my newer email addrrss ?  I`ll do whatever you think best. Thanks, Paul.


Recovering old account

I've just emailed you at both your email addresses to make you aware that I've reset your password on the account with the download links. I won't delete your other account as it is linked to this forum post which may remain critical until we connect over email.

having trouble installing 20.1

I thought I'd post to this thread as the topic is Installation.

I downloaded 20.1 but my Mac says

"You can’t open the application “BikeCAD Pro 20.1” because this application is not supported on this Mac." 

when I try to open/install it. I updated my OS and restarted the computer. Running Mac OS 12.7.3

Has anyone encountered this and found a solution?


BikeCAD 20.1 on MacOS

Sorry about the trouble. I've recently learned that the latest version I bundled for Macs might only work on ARM processors. I've created a second version for Intel processors. I'll email you a link. I intend to make an announcement about this, but I'm just wrapping up a few other enhancements before releasing what I'll be calling 20.5.

20.5 Thank you.

Hello, I have this issue as well. I will wait for the new version (20.5), thank you. Carlos

Hi Brent, could you please

Hi Brent, could you please send us the link too? Thanks so much, Alex

BikeCAD 20.1 on MacOS with Intel CPU

I've just added this version to the download links page for all BikeCAD Pro owners. You'll find it in the Files tab of your account profile.

Apple Silicon

Very happy that 20.5 is now native on recent Macs. The app feels at least twice as fast! The processor is based on ARM though, not AMD :-P 

New Mac version

Thanks for catching that. I was getting my acronyms mixed up. I've corrected the naming in the download links.

20.5 Install works great


I just installed 20.5 on Win 11 PC w/o removing prior version (20.1)--worked great no issues at all. 

Thanks for the update!!



Hi Brent, the Mac versions of 20.6 might be labelled the wrong way around? At least for me the ARM-labelled version won't run on my M2 mac, but the intel-labelled one does.

20.6 Mac version for ARM processor

Thanks for the heads up Tim. It turns out the version meant for the ARM processor was corrupted in some way. I've just corrected that and I trust it will work well now.

The Intel and ARM versions were not switched. I've always been able to run both the Intel version and ARM version on my M1 Mac. I suspect that may be the case for most others with an M1, M2 or M3 Mac. It seems like it may only be those with Intel chips that will be unable to run the ARM version.

Perhaps for simplicity, I could just offer a single version that is intended for Intel machines but which also works on ARM processors. However, the ARM version is theoretically meant to be optimized for ARM, so I'm inclined to continue to offer both.

20.6 Mac version

Ah, that makes sense - works perfectly now - thanks for the update!

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